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Cameronzigzal :

The main feature of Cameronzigzal Camron is the specificity of all that is related to it. From textiles to customer service. Suppose that you are entering this collection as a buyer. From the beginning you will be a dress designer and a clothing specialist to help you choose the right color and model, and even redesign your clothes. Yes, you can design your own for the first time so you can change the sample of the dress you like, with the advice of two experts. At the same time, graphically, these changes are applied to the dress and computer screen to follow the sewing process and so on. It does not end here. In CZ, all models are designed and sewn together. If you are the one who wears the dress, the clothes will be unique to you. Your name will be sewn together with an identification code in a piece of clothes; not only the design of the clothes, but the design of the fabric And the extras, or extensions, are generally made by Cameronzigzal himself, which shows a completely unique and unique result for the buyer.

Company History :

Cameronzigzal is a Persian brand that was established 2008 in London by Kamran Bakhtiari head office is located in the heart of Tehran

How the company operates :

The Cameron Zigzag Team for each season; it specializes in a number of special collections for that season with special fabrics. You can order your design and color scheme after choosing the desired design; with your taste. Our designers also advise you on this subject in a scientific and professional manner.


Kamran bakhtiyari


Company Manegers

Shahram Rezaei

Sales Maneger

Amir Azmoude

Factory Maneger

Ehsan Sadeghi

Media Maneger

Company service

Corporate clothing design and private business ;

Clothing design is unique for institutions, public and private organizations, companies and personal businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and more. This action is completely customizable, and after the schematic design is oscillated, implementation phases, such as fabric production, etc., begin.

Brilliant design

Our other services are designed for athletes and artists according to their style and personality, taking into account their social status. There are also special designs for concerts and group design for art teams from our other services.

24 hour Support

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